Template usage:


Automatically adds (a link to) an image, named after the article:

  • {{i}} .jpg image of this article
  • {{ig}} .gif image of this article
  • {{ip}} .png image of this article
  • {{ii|png}} any variable extension image of this article


(All branches are automatically also on their root category)


Sort articles in decade categories (and add an icon): {{0s}} Unknown decade {{decade}} Category for all decade categories.

  • {{1990s}} Fads from "this" century (back till 19920s)
  • {{2000s}} Fads from "this" century


Sort articles in "origin" categories (and add an icon) {{fadorigin}} Category for all origin categories.

  • {{0o}} unsorted/unknown origin
    • {music|song| band| version }
    • {{fashion}} cloth, cars, furniture, colors...
      • {{cloth}} cloth (needs to be done?)
    • {{TV}} or {{tv}} radio and cable network broadcast
    • {{web}} internet broatcast (barely used, generally {{ytmnd}} is used instead)
    • {{movie}} cinema broadcast
      • {{lotr}} lord of the ring related
      • {{Starwars}} star wars related
      • {{Startrek}} star trek related
    • {{politic}} politic related
    • {{slang}} (barely used template)
    • {{food}} all edible stuff
    • {{game}} games, pcs, consoles and toy related.
      • {{pc}}(needs to be done?)
      • {{doll}}(needs to be done?)

decade and originEdit

Both of the above to keep overview over and to switch between both.

  • {{1970s game}} mixed category, containing both

(more to come!)

article stage and commentsEdit

  • {{delete}}
  • {{empty}}
  • {{merge|targetname}} article needs to be merged or moved.
  • {{dump}} very early article stage
  • {{stub}} early article stage that needs more information
  • {{todo}}
  • {{disambig}}
  • {{help}} helpful pages for this wiki

External linksEdit

For quick external links.

  • A double letter means "custom named" link (but the link still goes for the pagename.
  • An "s" means "search" for ANY (other) stuff than the article name (but the links name is the articles name).

Note that some require the first variable to be pre-formated, no special caracters for URLs, and some don't.

m to

moving all ytmnd content to only leaving image, templates and links.

{{m|Main_Page}} equals moved to as in{{{1}}}

w to wikipedia.orgEdit

Links to a version of THIS SAME article on (Try to use the same namespaces as the wikipedia articles if they exist.)

{{w}} Template on Automatically formated! (it includes ws)
{{ww|Main_Page|Wikipedia}} Wikipedia " " to "_" and all wikiurl formatting, this is used by the Wa Template.
{{ws|Main_Page}} " " to "_" and all wikiurl formatting , this is used by the W-Template
{{wws|Main_Page|blah}} Template:Wws (as long as ww does not format correctly the ww template equals this)

y to

Links to YTMNDs or YTMND's search site to search for YTMND fads (what a logic tounge twister)

{{y|blahblah}} a direct YTMND link named after the YTMND prefix.
{{yy|blahblah|text}} text a direct YTMND link, custom named.
{{ys|This+does+not+like+spaces}} Template YTMNDs search YTMNDs of THIS fad, titletext = article name.
{{yys|Yust+another%20example|text}} text YTMNDs search ANY YTMNDs with other text and titletext.
{{yk|Keyword%20search}} Template keyworded ytmnd's search YTMNDs of THIS fad by KEYWORD (like ys), titletext = article name.

v to

Search for videos on

{{v}} Template on search THIS ARTICLE as (bugged on " ")
{{vv|for+porn|}} for porn on Direct link to ONE video? DONT USE THIS! (bugged)
{{vs|for+porn}} Template on Search THIS on " " to "+" AND """ to "%22"
{{vvs|%22for+porn%22|avenue Q}} avenue Q on Search ANY custom named. " " to "+" AND """ to "%22" " "

Main PageEdit

Tempales only for the main page:

  • {{feat}} Main Page featured article
  • {{news}} Main Page News
  • {{browse}} Main Page Links

Style ( Other/Related )Edit

Used to title paragraphs.

  • {{tocr}} "Table of Content" (TOC) aligned to thje right
  • {{what}} What it is
  • {{origin}} Origin
  • {{also}}

Also seeEdit

Too early stage (and barely used) to even sort them:

  • {{Sa}} "something" is involved in this (barely used)
  • {{present}} or {{-present}} barely used template for " fads till present"
  • {{click|...|... ...}} unused template for CSS images with links on them.
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