Alien: Figure produced by Kenner, based on the Sci-Fi classic of the same name. At least 12" tall wih working features. Received a lot of flack from overbearing parents because it was "too scary". World's Greatest: 8" tall figures produced by Mego. Figures were heavily accessorized and had real cloth clothing. The female characters (and even Conan & Thor) had "real hair". One of the most expansive toy lines of all time. Featuring Characters from Classic literature, History, Comic Books and classic movies. Actually comprised of 5 different lines, but all with the "World's Greatest" name. American West, Super Heroes, Super Pirates, Super Knights and Monsters. Only toy line that allows you to have Thor vs. Superman, Spider-Man vs. Wolf-Man, Billy the Kid vs. Captain Kidd, Conan vs. The Incredible Hulk...Currently, you can see the misadventures of the Marvel Characters in Toyfare Magazine's "Twisted Toyfare Theater", starring a very Apathetic/Lethargic Spider-Man, a very dumb Hulk, and a very strange Thor.

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