It was a doll that had a lightbulb light up in its head so when you wanted it to have a fever you would push the button and it would light up.

Doll that ate food. When you turned its head it chewed.

Baby Alive chewed when you pressed down on her bottom lip, not when you turned her head (I had 3 of them. They kept getting clogged with baby food.) She also pooped in her diaper. (That was always interesting)

Baby Alive came with this weird plastic powder in envelopes. You mixed water in and it became 'baby food' which actually had fruity flavoring, but was made of plastic so it wouldn't mold inside the doll. To feed her you jammed the spoon into her mouth and her jaws would start to move, accompanied by a bizarre mechanical droning noise. After you gave her a bottle of water, you would change her diaper and discover that she pooped. My brother discovered that he could blow through her butt and make her puke.

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