This doll came out in the mid 1970s by Mattel I believe. She was blue with white flowers. She wore a bonnet. There was a string on the back of her neck that you could pull and she would talk. I am not sure what she used to say.

Baby Beans - Complete

Baby Beans needs fully represented here. There was Bitty, Booful, Talking (the one mentioned), Crybaby, Biffy, Jeans Beans, the whole Storybook Beans set, the Bean Pets, Canned Beans and the Itsby Bitsy Beans. I am NOT a seller but am building a Baby Beans archive: www.babybeans.org

Baby Beans And Holly Hobby

I don't know if these came out in the 70s, but I had two different Baby Beans dolls and a Holly Hobby. The Baby Beans dolls had vinyl faces and cloth bodies stuffed with "beans" (little plastic beads like in beany babies). They came dressed in a sewn on sleeper in pink, yellow, or blue and had a matching hat. Underneath the hat was a very little bit of blonde hair. They still sell them (or did a few years ago when I bought my daughter one). Holly Hobby was a rag doll dressed in a bonnet and old fashioned dress with light brown yarn braids. I think there were Holly Hobby books and I'm pretty sure she had a friend doll. I don't think they make Holly Hobby anymore, but I've seen them at garage sales and people usually want too much for them. These were my two favorite dolls until I got a Baby Alive.