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An action figure line that was made by Mattel to compete with Hasbro's GI Joe introduced in 1971.

Big Jim doll made for boys. An athletic masculine rugged outdoorsman alternative to Ken (just what Barbie needed). Accessories included a camper (same as the Barbie camper, but manly)and his famous "rescue rig".

In 1978, Big Jim was changed from a sports doll, to an adventure doll with the Big Jim Wolf Pack series.

The dolls

  • Big Jim (brunette) and his friends
  • Big Jack (African American),
  • Big Josh (bearded red-head)
  • Big Jeff (blonde)

They were 10" tall, had actual flexing biceps (really!) and a button on their back that made the right arm move.

Later Big Jim became the leader of P.A.C.K. (Professional Agents/Crime Killers), the members of which included Dr. Steel (martial artist), the Whip (weapons expert), and Warpath (tracker).

accessories and features

The initial Big Jims came with him dressed in red boxer shorts.

The doll came with a silver belt that you would wrap around Big Jim's arm. When you bent his arm, his muscle would flex and pop the steel belt off of his arm.

Big Jim, an action adventure doll and mobile truck, that when you pressed his back, said things like "I'm going in for a look", "Help me, Help Me"...

An approx. 10" action figure w/an outdoors, theme (plaid flannel shirt included) had a button on the back that made him perform a karate chop.

Cool accesories like the Big Jim Sports Camper, and during the 1976 Winter Olympics, there was a Ski Jump that you could get.

An articuated action figure that came with many accesories such as "a Sports Camper" "the Rescue Rig" "Safari Hut" etc. He also had many outfits he could be changed into like a Boxer, Scuba Diver, Karate outfit, etc.

You could buy many accessories for them including sports uniforms and equipment, and even a carrying case that became a plane (the Sky Commander).


Great toys, although they couldn't withstand the homemade parachute experiment.

Big Jim was used in the "Jesus Action Figure" fake commercial.

Big Jim on

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