plastic futuristic tank with lazer(blinking light)in very front,had keypad on top rear,with directional keys and the # keypad that you could enter to progame and would specify how far it would travel,stop turn and fire,there was also a cart that you could put something in to dispence anywhere you wanted , that could be atached to verry back realy cool for 70's

The big track was pre programable by the means of a numbered keypad with direction arrows , the programer would type in something like ,forward 10,left 10, and the big track would go faward 10 units and then left 10 amd thus you could program it to make its way around the front room .it was great fun and later they brought out a tipper trailer for it. forward 10, left 10, tipp!. great fun and im trying like mad to find 1 can you help?.

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