The modern, all-metal brass & stainless steel chatter ring toy was developed in New Zealand from late 1995 through early 1996.[]

The playing of chatter rings was a huge fad in New Zealand from mid 1996 until early 1997.

Chatter rings are small stainless steel rings with 5 brass beads attached, threaded on the main ring. You spin the ring and the beads revolve at high speed, and in a distinct manner. And make a lot of noise.

Although highly popular, chatter rings were banned at some schools in New Zealand, as they were very distracting and highly engaging. But at least they were affordable, and many people loved them.

The chatter ring has been marketed under many names, including:Nut Spinner,Sling Ring, Jitter Ring, Gyro Ring, Speed Ring, Wonder Ring, Zinger Ring, Buzz Ring, Chatta Ring,Sonic Ring, Freedom Ring, Zipper Ring, Magic Ring,Rasen,陀螺環,旋風霹靂環.

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Today, chatter rings can be still be purchased new from the original Jitter Ring manufacturer in New Zealand at http://jitterring.co.nz. The Jitter Ring NZ website contains a lot of chatter ring information and links.

Legend of The Jitter Ring:http://jitterringmaui.com/2011/legend-of-the-jitter-ring/

Some good information about chatter rings can also be found at JCRA Japan Chatter Ring Associationand Jitter Ring Connection website.


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Kyle Chen with chatter ring, New Plymouth, New Zealand 2011

Jeremy Rore with chatter ring, Auckland, New Zealand, 1996