(The Doll with Long Hair) Cher doll that had really long hair and the slogan for the commercial sang "Cher! The Doll with Long Hair!)

You got it. Cher was a barbie doll. The only problem was she was head and shoulders above any other barbie. Hard for her to dance with GI Joe.

she had great hair and outfits, of course I had to cut the hair off

Barbie-type doll of Cher, of course. Long, black hair, long LONG legs and long, LONG fingernails. Plus huge black eyelashes with blue eyeshadow. Still have it!

It was a "Barbie" style doll of the celebrity, Cher Bono, except that she was "extra large"--maybe 18 inches tall with a white sparkly halter jumpsuit and hair that you could twist the scalp and on one side was black and the other side was blonde! I loved that doll... wish I had kept it.

This was a doll based on Cher from the "Sonny & Cher Show." The doll was made by the Mego toy company, and had different versions, including one that came with a key, that you inserted in the doll's back, and her hair would grow.

I guess it speak for itself

Cher Doll With Hair That Twisted My best friend & I both had the doll you described, and NOBODY remebers that doll, not even cher collectors! I am glad someone else remembers it, I was beginning to think it may have been something else (not cher!) Cool site! Brenda

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