Doll with hair that changed lengths by using a wheel on her back. Dolls with a button on their back to grow or shorten their hair Tall slender doll with red hair. Her pony tail could be extended by pushing her belly button while pulling on the pony. Chrissy was a large doll with auburn hair that "grew". She had a dial on her back(?) that made her hair "grow" shorter. The doll that could grow hair then un-grow it! Remember? Chrissy had "long and pretty hair" that you could lengthen by pulling her pony tail, and shorten by turning a knob on her back. Her hair was dark auburn red and she had a companion doll with long blonde hair. She had red hair and a red dress and her hair you pulled on it to make it grow, then there was a button to press to make it short again A doll with red hair that you pulled to make longer then twisted a knob on her back to shorten it. A doll with red straight hair that extended very long. You could pull it out of the top of her head when when pushing a button. Think she wore a lace dress. The song went, "Beautiful Chrissy has beautiful hair." Chrissy was the brunet and Velvet was the blonde version - you could pull their hair and it would 'grow' and to shorten it you wound the knob on their back. Chrissy, Velvet & Cinnamon Dolls They were dolls that had hair that you could pull out of their head when you pushed a button on their stomach, and then there was something on their back that you would turn to put it back in their heads. They were great for creating hairstyles.

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