Originally produced by American Aerosol Corporation in the 1960s with bland character designs, licensing deals were made in the 1970s to produce packages with character faces, from DC comic characters like Batman, Marvel Comics characters like Spider Man, King Features characters like Popeye, and rock groups like KISS.

It was a product that had similar composition of propellant foam shaving cream, which was not as effective as bar soaps in getting clean It was used as a hygiene-enabling play compliment to bathing.

Using its then-large profit portfolio, American Aerosol wanted to create an always-on continuous TV channel fueled by brand name loyalty, citing soap operas' durability of the times, until the recession hit. Food dyes were added to bolster interest in the product, but sales were not strong enough for Crazy Foam to survive the slump. American Aerosol barely survived making plain and store brand shaving creams until the company was dissolved at the end of 1990.

After a short time of being out of production, the product line was re-introduced with a new cap design by new brand owner Natural Science Industries. They currently make a limited supply of packages whenever a licensing deal is completed, as Crazy Foam is not a major product in their NSI's holdings portfolio.

Very hard to obtain due to shipping hazards. Requires land/sea transportation methods, since the contents are pressurized with gases.

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