An ecology/nature toy, fitting for it's time. It had a clear petrie-dish with a lid, and one could grow seeds (beans, for example) in it and watch the growth process over a period of days and weeks. When the seeds had sprouted and were growing too large for the petrie-dish, there was a clear funnel that one could replace the lid with, in an upside-down position, to allow the young plant to continue growing upward.

A plastic riding toy that was low to the ground. It was round shaped and you had a big wheel on wither side of you with a handle on it so that you could propel yourself forward, backward or go around in circles. It was yellow and red. Big Wheel made it. It was a riding toy that had a seat and big oversized wheels on each side. There were levers on the inside where you could steer, back,front,circles and crazy! A saucer-like vehicle with two large side wheels that you crank from the inside if you want a ride or just to turn in circles. it was round you sat in it it had two large wheels with handles and you could move in circles forward,reverse and also spin around

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