Bugs and reptiles that you made yourself with different colored plastic goop that was poured into molds and heated, then cooled to make them like rubber. These were toys you could make yourself. You were given zinc molds and would squeeze a gel into the mold. Then after baking them for a while, on the heating element provided, you would let them cool and pull them from the mold. They were shaped like bugs, catapillers, spiders, etc. There was also a similar toy used to make these weird waxy plasticy hollow dinosaurs, but I can't remember the name of this toy. With each of these toys, you could easily get burned with either the heating elements or the hot material used to make the toys. you poured colored goop into the metal molds and placed them with pincher tongs on the square hot plate. You could make spiders, ants, bugs, cars, army smelled great when cooking! A plastic cauldron with insect molds inside - you poured in the liquid vinyl, heated it in the mold, and when it cooled, you had plastic technicolor bugs. The smell was overwhelming, and the gooey vinyl was a total mess, but great fun!

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