list dublicates[]

The biggest problem I noticed was repetition. For example, "Tarzan Boy" was mentioned in four places: the top, the music section, the Gay Fuel fad, and the Snape Kills Dumbledore fad. I limited it down to two. Please keep this in mind when you add things: remove repetition. I'm also moving a lot if not all of the music fads to the top section, as the songs themselves are not fads.
In addition to all this, I also cut down on simply non-notable fads. If I thought a fad was either insignificant or too small to be a fad, I removed it from the list. Also keep in mind that individual sites are not fads.
Finally, in addition to this, please avoid "usually accompanied by (other fad)" and "an example is". That's extraneous information that's either covered in the top part or completely unnecessary. This also applies to the history of fads. While this is interesting (I like reading it myself :P), it's considered to be crut and takes up space in the article.