Same as Evel Kneivel man except a lady motorcycle rider winds up and takes off down a strip of sidewalk and performs a wheely throughout the entire run... Evel Knevel Place motorcycle and windup on a base and it would pop a wheely Evel Knievel Toy Addendum You have already mentioned it. I think it operated on preessurized air. Cranking the wheel on the side of the motorhome/launch ramp would compress the air. Pressing the button would release the charge and send Herr Knievel off the roof of the motorhome, down the ramp and over the jump. Thanks for the website. Sincerely, Mark P. Macwilliams Evil Kneivel FYI when you cranked up the thingy to launch the motorcycle, you simply stoppoed cranking abruptly, and the bike took off. I had the whole motor home... which had removable furniture, tool box, gas cans, fire extinguisher, etc. It also had a ramp so you could jump the bike over the motor home. Very cllo! No idea what happened to it, though. Evil Kneivel Motorcycle Had a heavy flywheel rear wheel and would do flips and jump ramps. Gears always stripped the first day. Just wanted to describe the Evel Kneivel Motorcycle. It was a bike with an Evel doll that could ride it. The starting devise was a launch ramp with an air pump and to get the rear tire spinning, then you turn a lever on the side to lower the air tube and drop the wheel. Away it went. There was also a flipable plastic handle device on the rear of the seat used to allow Evel to do wheelies, or to hold onto and do head stands. I LOVED THAT TOY. i had this & loved it. the way he'd take off from the hand held ramp was to turn the crank suddenly in the opposite direction. when you did this, he'd shoot off. wish i still had it :-) You place the motorcycle in this device and you wind it up. When it's wound up I think you press a button or something, it's been a long time and I don't really remember. Then it charges out of the device and pops a wheely. I believe it came out around 1975 or so.

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