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"FairyWinkles... they appear in a twinkle!"

Fairy Winkles also known as Folly Magic, were a series of toy sets about baby-like fairies produced by Kenner from 1993-1995[1].

Description Edit

As seemed in the toy sets, these fairies lived in everyday house objects, such as: jewelry boxes, perfumes, clocks, lipsticks, purses, books, picture frames, flower pots and flower baskets. Sometimes, they could also be found in other places such as: with a swan and inside a clam.

Type of fairies Edit

Fairy Winkles Edit

Fairywinkle and wee winkles

Fairy winkle (on the left) and wee winkles.

Fairy winkles are the big fairies usually found taking care of the smaller ones. These usually come with a curl of hair but can also have a flower on their head. Their size is different from the smaller fairies.

Wee Winkles Edit

Wee winkles are the baby fairies that have in their heads different types and colors of flowers.

References Edit

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