Fairy Winkles logo

"FairyWinkles... they appear in a twinkle!"

Fairy Winkles also known as Folly Magic, were a series of toy sets about baby-like fairies produced by Kenner from 1993-1995[1].


As seemed in the toy sets, these fairies lived in everyday house objects, such as: jewelry boxes, perfumes, clocks, lipsticks, purses, books, picture frames, flower pots and flower baskets. Sometimes, they could also be found in other places such as: with a swan and inside a clam.

Type of fairies[]

Fairy Winkles[]

Fairy winkle (on the left) and wee winkles.

Fairy winkles are the big fairies usually found taking care of the smaller ones. These usually come with a curl of hair but can also have a flower on their head. Their size is different from the smaller fairies.

Wee Winkles[]

Wee winkles are the baby fairies that have in their heads different types and colors of flowers.


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