Footsie was that great one-person "jumprope" that consisted of a plastic ring you slipped over your shoe to your ankle. Attached to the ring was a 2 foot long plastic line with a plastic bell cup at the end. The "jingling" cup spun around in a circle around your ankle and you hopped over the "rope" with your free foot. A plastic bell (or non-bouncy rubber ball) on a plastic rope (like a skipping rope)which was attached to a ring that you put around your ankle. You had to get the bell going around your ankle & then you jumped over the rope as it rotated around your ankle. All the elementary school girl in her right mind was without a Footsie By Hasbro I think. Like the current Skip-It from Nerf. There was a plastic yellow ring that went around your ankle. A red cup was attached to the ring by a green plastic cord. Spin the ring around your one ankle while skipping over the cord with your free foot. I can't seem to find anything on line about this toy...but I remember I had one in the late 60's or early 70's. Thanks.

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