(Not sure of the spelling) table top game, 3 ping pong balls on your side, 3 on your opponents side. push buttons to launch the balls through holes in a dividing wall. get all 6 balls on your opponents side to win An enclosed three-ball-per-player, three-paddle-per-player variation of ping-pong. Object: Be the first player to get all three of your colored balls to land on your opponent's side of the playset. G-Nip G-Nop Kind of like a clear plastic dome with a net in the middle. On the outside of the dome there were 3 large square buttons on each side(one set in lime green, the other in hot pink) Inside the dome there were 6 little plastic balls (3 lime gree, 3 hot pink). You had to get your color to land on the other side of your oponnent's dome by hitting the square buttons. This would shoot the ball over to other side. Of course if your opponent's color happened to land on your side, you would try to shoot it back. G-nip- G-nop Two players have 3 balls each they have to hit through 3 holes to get to the other players side.

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