large GI Joe action army man full sized G.I. Joe with life like hair G. I. Joe Adventure Team

The 1/6th scale G. I. Joe action figure was revamped as the "Adventure Team". This is when the life-like hair and beard appeared as well as the "Kung-Fu Grip". G.i. Joe With Kung-fu Grip The deadly martial arts grip distinguished this Army grunt from the earlier G.I. Joe action figures. GI Joe Who could forget GI Joe? 12 1/2 inches tall...fuzzy head. Came with awesome accessories such as: a jeep (mine sank in the river when I rolled it down a hill), and a carrying case that opened up to be a headquarters building.

Gi Joe with the kung fu grip:

If I am thinking of the same toy, I believe it was called a "Krazy Kar" was my most prized posession! :)

I thought it was made by big wheel, except it was a yellow round riding toy with two big red wheels with handles. It had a smaller wheel on the bottom-back which rotated as the two larger wheels were turned (in opposite directions). When done properly, one would spin around and around in a circular motion... I tried! Do you know the toy?

Introduced in follow up to the phenominal success of GI Joe and talking GI Joe. There was also the GI Joe Adventure Team. In my opinion, the 12" Joe was much better than the smaller version introduced in the 80's.

G.I. Joe on

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