gnip gnop was a two player game which you tryed to get all of your color balls on the other persons side of the game box. It had a clear plastic cover and three hole between the two side you had to pop through the holes. kind of hard to explain. it was one of my favorite games of the 70's An action game where 6 balls of two different colors are inside a plastic dome. There are three hoops separting two sides and the object is to shoot your balls to the other side before your opponent shoots his to your side. Gnip-Gnop gnip-gnop,(ping-pong backwards) was a two player game in which ping pong balls where encased in a clear plastic "court" and each player had 3 buttons to push, which sent the balls to the other players side. The center was composed of 3 rings that the balls had to pass through. To win you had to get all 3 of your colored balls on the other players side.

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