I am looking to buy Hoppitty Hops at wholesale prices. If you know anyone that has some for sale let me know. Thanks Pam Krisham's Inc. It is a big red or blue rubber ball with a round handle that you can sit on and hop while holding the handle. A ball with a handle that children sit on and hop around on it A ball with a handle, you can sit on the top and bounce around on it I think these were new then. (they were to us) A heavy gauge rubber ball with a ring on one end so you could sit on it and hop around bouncing on it.

Hoppity Horse A large yellow inflated rubber ball with a horse head and handles coming out of the head. You could sit on it and bounce. There was also a Mickey Mouse one and a Donald Duck one. The Mickey Mouse one's ears were like rings to function as handles. It was much like the Hoppity Hop Ball, but with a horses head. The ball had a saddle imprinted. I think it came in the colors red and blue. it was a yellow or red ball with the horses head Hoppity Popeye same as ball but with a Popeye head

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