I wanted to find out if there is any where I can buy another Big Trak at.(I know um to old, yeah yeah, but, my brother broke the first one I got back in 1980). Anyway, I wanted to know if you remember the Hover Craft. It was a round plastic device with a fan on the bottom of it and it had a station you plug it into that would charge it for about a minute or so and then press a black button to release it. Man that thing would float just above the ground, for what seem like hours. I still got the station, but, the Hover is gone!!!!!! Do you remember? it was called the PHANTOM 5 HOVERCRAFT it had a base that was white or grey. the hover(one of those colors)was round and had a fan on the bottom. i think i remember it needing a lot of battery's in the base, it charged quickly and boy did it go. i wish i still had it and like everyone else i can't locate one anywhere. it' still a great memory.

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