Pinkie Pie is hard for this fad

"I'm not a YTPMVer" or "Ponydubs" is a fad that started sometime around July 22 of 2012, in response to a video made by YTPMVer rabies bun, otherwise known as rabiesx86.


The fad started after mildly famous YTPMVer rabies bun uploaded the video "Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites [PonyDub]" on July 27, 2012.

Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites PonyDub

Scary Monsters and Nice Parasprites PonyDub

The original video by rabies bun

In the description of this video, rabies bun states:
"I'm not a YTPMV'er. My goal is towards learning music and eventually making my own content with what I like (in this case ponies). I'm still studying how music works and this is what I can do so far, so to all the ytpmv'ers out there: Please stop following my videos, cause I'm not interested in making chiptune music with your rules you set up on how to make YTPMV's. Also I'd appreciate if you guys would lay off bronies in the comment section, cause these are made for them and not for people who doesn't like ponies."

The tone of this description encouraged some YTPMVers upload their own versions of the video, thus starting a fad.


Videos of this fad normally contain the same description quoted in the section above, sometimes modified to fit the theme of that particular response. Some of them use the same song used by rabies bun: "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex, but others use "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO or other mainstream songs.


A good number of YTPMVers have made their contributions to this fad, some of them being:

In For The Plot Skrillex Re-Dub-Wub (PonyDub) PonyStep

In For The Plot Skrillex Re-Dub-Wub (PonyDub) PonyStep

Response made by frannintendo64

Scary Bonsters and Nice Plots BonDub ©babiesbunx86

Scary Bonsters and Nice Plots BonDub ©babiesbunx86

Response by BonBonIsCutestDinner

My ponydub

My ponydub

The video that started the fad


User rabies bun hasn't publicly acknowledged this fad yet, but he may do so in the near future, according to some sources.

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