What it is[]

An Internet phenomenon, aka: Internet meme, occurs when something relatively unknown becomes increasingly popular, often quite suddenly, through the mass propagation of media content made feasible by the Internet; however, the popularity of the phenomenon usually wanes as rapidly as it was acquired:

The Internet's lack of physical boundaries leads to a much faster and wider spread of information and ideas, especially when the subject is based around humor or curiosity. It is nearly impossible to accurately measure the depth of a phenomenon's popularity, and different groups of Internet users may participate in spreading the phenomenon more than others.


Most of the internet phenomena have begun from certain websites, which include Fark, Something Awful, YTMND, Tribalwar and 4chan. Some people point to these sort of Internet phenomena as good examples of memes. In William Gibson's novel "Pattern Recognition" an interesting kind of Internet phenomenon, the footage, plays an important role.

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