they were made in 1978 by a toy company called mego.

12" KISS dollsEdit

These were 12" Ken-style dolls made to look like like the members of the rock group KISS. These toys were made in 1978 by a toy company called Mego. For a while, these dolls were generally forgotten about but now are sought out by adult KISS fans wishing to relive their childhood and celebrity doll collectors and are sold at collectible shops and KISS conventions for up to $400 apiece!

Hi, in response to your KISS dolls info. You are actually lucky. The doll you have is called a "SKINNY" doll. They were made very early in the production (1976 barbie doll like body and 1978 kiss head). While not as popular as the later "muscle" dolls, they are way more rare !

7" Kiss action figuresEdit

Very similar to the Mego KISS dolls, only smaller (about 7",) without removable clothing and they came with letter stands that when you had a whole set the letters spelled out the name "KISS" and made by McFarlane Toys.

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