yellow & orange - large solid plastic circle with support seat and place for feet (?) Propelled by using bars coming out of large plastic wheels on either side of circle - good for coordination as by turning one wheel & not the other you could go in different directions. I cannot seem to find ANY info on this item at all. My children burned up the driveway with it but I'm beginning to think we owned the only one available. Perhaps we were in a test area here in Florida. I would love to see it come back for my grandkids to use. Does anyone remember this ???? It was this toy ride on thing, it had 2 big red and white wheels, one on each side and a yellow base that you'd sit in. The inside of each wheel had a handle and as you spun the wheels you'd spin around in circles. I think the name was spelled with a "K", but I'm, not sure. I remember it from the 70's but not sure if it is older. It had a round, yellow frame with two big wheels on the sides. You turned the wheels by "cranking" the handles that were attached to the inside of the wheels in a circular motion. The Kar went forward, backward, or in circles. Incidently, the Super Stretch Man that is on this list was actually known as Stretch Armstrong.

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