The Op-Yop was a toy marketed in the 1960's by a company based in Royal Oak, Michigan called Kramer Designs. The company's original location was an office on Adams in the neighboring community of Birmingham. The history we could find was based on a Time Magazine article in 1968 where it was stated that a million of the Op-Yops had been sold and another million were expected to sell by Christmas. In my travels, I have found some additional information including an internal memo relating to some six months worth of advertising that was done on the Soupy Sales Show with Soupy doing the commercials shot in Detroit. There were also memo's to retailers advising them to stock up on the toy to be in sync with the Soupy Sales ads. I tracked down the original molder who made the parts and talked to some home workers who assembled them at their homes from 1967 through 1968. The toy was labeled as a psychedelic sensation and was skin packaged on 4-1/4 inch by 14 inch printed chipboard. More can be found out about the recent reincarnation of the op-yop at

A young adult who was a frequent poster on who received wide criticism on the forums while posting pictures of himself, family, and friends for all having long straight spiked hair, overly tanned skin, a flipped up shirt collar, and headband. Subsequent videos and pictures were created using the original pictures. The original and edited pictures spread across the internet in a matter of weeks. A website, [1] was created within a month.

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