Malibu Barbie on

just saying the name gives me that feeling of being a kid again. : ) i remember always wanting a "malibu barbie"!!! i thought she was sooooo pretty. i am not talking about the 2nd or 3rd versions that came out of her. i am talking about the original "malibu barbie" that came out in the early 1970's. i thought she had the prettiest face. my cousin, who was 7 years older than me had a "malibu barbie" and every time we went to visit them, i always wanted to play with that barbie. and she was pretty beat up at the time. i mean her hair was frizzy, and she had missing hairplugs in the front, so she was bald on top like an older man with male pattern baldness. it looked like she had a very, very big forehead. but to me she was the prettiest one. and now, present day, i still have that "malibu barbie". when my older cousin grew out of playing with dolls and barbies, she passed them down to me and another cousin. guess which was the first barbie that i picked??? yup!!! the "malibu barbie". and i still have her to this day. but i never got a brand new one as a child. the first barbie that i did get was "malibu p.j." and i loved her just as much. but i only had her for a week until her head split apart at the back of her head where her hair parted for her 2 ponytails. the one thing that both of these dolls had in common was that their hands were not straight down to her sides. her wrists were kind of flared out at the sides, and her thumbs were towards the front. to me, it sort of looked like their hands were positioned like if they were leaning on a table or hand rail or something. i, myself, call these style of hands, "dolphin" positioned hands. i think that is probably the style of arms that were used on the barbies from the late 1960's, like the talking barbies, and the walking ones too. they were on the barbies that had the rooted eyelashes. does anybody remember the different postions the barbies arms were in like me, or am i just obsessive about details??? : )

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