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One of those games that everybody played without really understanding all the rules. My sister and I had two Monopoly sets and we set up both boards to that they interlocked at one corner, allowing us to move our game pieces in a figure-eight pattern. Two banks, two sets of deeds, etc. Anybody else turn "Free Parking" into a lottery? Land on that and win all the cash tossed into the middle of the board. What was your favorite playing piece? Wheelbarrow? Scottie dog? Top hat?

Created in 1934 by Charles B Darrow. Although some say it was created many years earlier by Lizzie J. Magie. Her version was called The Landlords. Basically the same exact game, just Darrow added a lot to the idea and many say he improved the game. When Darrow brought the game to Parker Brothers, they later sent him a later saying they rejected the idea for having too many fundamental errors. However, Darrow was selling the game to all of his friends and decided to have a printer make him up 5,000 copies of the game. He then sold them to a store in Philadelphia… Parker Brother rethought the idea and in 1935, Parker Brothers introduced the game of Monopoly and 20 thousand sets were sold in one week.

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