Mrs. Beasley - Vinyl doll on

Hi I was reading your site and I thought I would send you this additional information on mrs beasley dolls. There is a aprox 24" Mrs. Beasley doll that has a Vinyl head with saran or Kankelon hair, and vinyl hands, cloth body with white polka dots on a medium blue background and yellow cloth feet. Doll has a voice box in her stomach. (she talks) The vinyl doll came with black plastic frame glasses (no lenses) and a collar and apron made out of the body material edged with yellow rick rack. The vinyl doll was a duplicate of one the "buffy" carried on the show Family affair. The doll described on your site is the big? Rag doll, I think. There is also a small mrs beasley doll (4 inch?) that came with a vinyl doll of buffy. It is made of cloth and probably has yarn hair. as far as I know all the dolls were made by mattel I hope this has been helpfull

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