Patches McGee on

Little red-haired stuffed doll by Gabriel with patchwork dress. Had "her own treehouse it's a soft-as-can-be house." The stuffed patchwork tree house had a swing hanging from one of the branches. She also had some friends -- "Prissy" and a patchwork puppy.

She also had a little sister and a friend who was a boy named Justin Case. I would love to buy this toy if you ever come across it please, please let me know. Thank you PJ

Her tree house is called "Shadypatch Treehouse", the dog was "Bonebury", the little sister was "Pudding", and the cat was "Picklepuss". Her patched up car is the "Patchmobile", and finally the bed is "Pillowpatch".

Sing it with me now!

"She had her own treehouse, it's as soft as can be house She has a friend named Prissy who's a pretty fancy Missy A cuddly little Puppy with his ears so floppy Oh, it's fun to pretend that Patches is your friend She's part of the world of Patches...Patches McGee!"

I have a Patches doll in the original box, never played with, and the box is marked 1974 in Roman numerals. There is an original price tag on the box as well from Coast to Coast stores.

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