Peachy And Her Puppets on

made by mattel, this was a toddler type doll. she stood 17 inches tall, had a vinyl head, legs, and left arm. her body and right arm were made of hard plastic. her right arm was straight compared to her left arm, and she had a hole in her right hand. this was so you could put 1 of her 4 puppets in her hand. she was a talking doll, and she made different voices for the different puppets. my older cousin had one of these dolls, i never had one when i was young. but now as an adult, i have three!!! she had short wavy blonde hair, and blue eyes. she originally came in a short yellow dress with white sleeves, white socks, and yellow plastic shoes. she was the same size and type of doll as "timey tell" "hi dottie" and the (1969 reissued) "chatty cathy" dolls. "peachy" had 4 puppets, a puppy, a monkey, a jester (joker), and a baby with a bonnet. they each had a plastic stick at the bottom of them, and they were different lengths. this is how the doll would make the different voices for them depending on what length the stick was on the puppet. does anyone remember this doll. or did anyone have this doll. i think she is really cute. she had side glancing blue eyes that looked to the right side (as if looking at her puppets as she played with them & they "talked").

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