Maybe you can actually help me with this one. In about 1975-1976 I got this toy as a Christmas gift: It was blue plastic track snapped together to make a highway. There was a red "Bandit" battery operated car and a police car as well. You put them both on the track and they chased each other around and around on the "highway." I have spoken to every toy afficionado I know and no one has heard of this toy except me. I know it was around for at least a couple of years because I got it for two birthdays in a row. Does this spark a memory in anybody out there? It was called "Police Chase Getaway"

Apparently there were only two of us that played with this thing. LOL Unforgetable, even though I thought I was too old for this present. I ran down countless double A's watching this police car chase the red bandit car around on its sky blue track. It looked like a cloverleaf--four off ramps and I think an intersection which actually allowed them to crash into one another eventually. Great fun, if simplistic.

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