Pulsar on

action figure! pulsar was oversized like the original g.i.joes. he was hard plastic and featured a clear front torso. when you pushed a button in his back, his lungs puffed, his heart beat and you could watch "blood" course through his viens. very cool! most of his guts were made of pretty flimsy latex and did not last long unfortunately. he also had an arch villian that featured a psychodelic wheel built into his chest that spun when you pressed the button in his back. i cant remember his name though, sorry. Pulsar - The Ultimate Man of Adventure Cool action figure (except for the 70's stretch pants). Best part was that it's chest was clear and you could see his heart and lungs. Had a pump in the back, and when you pressed it, his heart would beat and lungs would breathe. Also the blood would circulate. Lift off his face and you could put in "holographic mission disks" (which did nothing).

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