"My Spoon is Too big" "I'M A BANANA!"

"Silly hats only"

"This is fun" "My Anus is Bleeding" "Yaaaaaaaaay"

"I'm a consumer whore"

Qoute from left hand cartoon

“Ahaapookhalein me randos ouchin a la voika a le sneider a le.”

“Ee monkey porkchoppy mcMooch.”

“Meiander a kimya o ringa to rando atta toinya.”

What it isEdit

Don Hertzfeldt's story of an animator and the effects of rejection.


"Rejected" became one of the lowest budgeted films ever nominated for an Academy Award in 2001. To date it has received twenty-seven awards.

In 2004, the film was ranked by the Internet Movie Database as the 3rd highest rated short film of all time.

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