Richochet Racers on

futuristic looking bolt action rifle that fired car like projectiles at the stack of barrels that came with it.The cars clipped into cases that ejected when you opaned the bolt to re-load.had a fold down foot that acted as a safety catch so you were only supposed to be able to fire whilst lying on the floor, didn't really work.The rifle was white with red,white and blue stickers and came with 2 cars 1 red and 1 blue.It was also available later as repeating richochet which could fire 3 cars one after the other.The rifle and cars were black with glow in the dark parts. An angled gun that shot out bullet shaped race cars at targets. You pump them and they go. They even had a set with Spiderman and Captain America. Like Matchbox cars, except they came with this futuristic gun, and you put the muzzle on the floor and fired the cars out. Long toy rifles that shot out a mini car at high speed. At least I'm sure that what they called them. If anyone has any more info, please e-mail me. Thanks

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