Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots on

Futuristic combatants slug it out under the control of the players. The first to dislodge his opponent's head is the winner. A cool robot boxing game. It had tight controls and to win the game you had to connect on your opponents chin and then robots head would pop up. Rock Em Sock Em Robots robots boxing in a boxing ring A red and a blue robot fought in a boxing ring. On the commercial when the one kid lost he said, "Hey! You knocked my block off." You had a blue robot in one corner of a boxing ring and a red robot in the other corner and you pressed the buttons over and over to make them punch each other until one of their heads flew off. Two large plastic robots battled it out by the players using the slide levers and the punch buttons to knock their 'blocks' up. The player that could pop the others head up was the winner A red robot, and blue robot that had a yellow boxing ring. Both robots had two button mechanical remotes that were built into the boxing ring which controlled the robots arms. The object of the game was to "knock the opponents block off". This was done by using the remotes to punch, when you hit your opponent the right way, it caused the robots head to pop up. This toy was manufactured by Hasbro (?) One red and one blue robot standing in the middle of a boxing ring. One person needed for each robot. Use levers to make robots fight. Game ends when a robots head pops up (TKO). two robots in a boxing ring you could have to players when you hit the head it would pop up. Two mechanical men (one red and the other blue) were armed with two push sticks each and tried to knock the other's head off. Actually, the head didn't come off, it was only off the robot's torso. Two plastic robot boxers battling it out in a ring, at each other, by way of control levers in an effort to knock their opponent's block off.

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