Romper Stompers on

Hi. You brought back a lot of memories! On the romper stompers, they were because of a show "Romper Room", where Miss Jean (I think) would look into her mirror every week, and say... I se Johnny, and Susie...) something, but we all died to be on that show. I think it was a kindergartners class that she had on every week, but we always wanted to be on it, and you had to have those romper stmpers. They were a mother's nightmare, because you had to hold them on while you walked. You would put your foot on these yelow plastic-upside-down hollow little shells (shaped like a bucket, put upside-down). The long piece of plastic string was tied off on the cups, leaving a long string you could trip on, get your foot tangled in it, or just plain topple off and twist your ankle. They were the equivalent of putting a preschooler in high heels, with no way to keep them on. because you had to hold them on your feet by pulling up on the handle on the same side as the foot you were taking a step with. My mother hated these, but the two pairs we had in my house were hot commodities. Yellow plastic cups that you stand on with plastic cord handles you hold while you walk around on the cups. Yellow plastic cups that you stood on, they had green plastic handles that you held onto while you walked around....

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