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this was a really neat cube and one each face it had a different color, and each face had a grid of 9 squares. this can be turned in any direction and you mix up the colors and try to make each face one color again. Very interesting and it provided hours of fun (for me at least) a toy that adults and children can play with which will keep them occupied for hours and hours. the point of this toy is to match the colours on all six sides. a cube shaped toy you have to fidde around with to get all the 6 colours on the sides you had to match all the colors on a block by turning it A muti-colored cube with six different colors on nine of the squares that made up each side of the cube. The object of the game was to bring all the colors of all the sides together. The reds with the reds, the blues with the blues and so on. A toy block that will keep you at it for hours trying to do it. They have four sides, each side with 9 squares with different colors. Have to get all colors sorted with each other on the same side Its a 3D cube and its a puzzel you have to match the colors ...


Erno Rubik was looking for a innovative method of teaching his students about 3D objects and came up with what would be called Rubik's Cube. He patented this clever cube and made millions in the early 80's. There were 43 quintillion combinations of solving the cube, which prompted many books on how to solve the cube. The world record for solving the cube is 16.5 seconds! A later version of the cube was released called "Rubik's Revenge" which had four rows of four squares instead of three on the standard cube. 100 million cubes have been sold worldwide and are even now somewhat popular in certain places in the world.

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