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A well designed, rugged racing car toy operated by pulling a t-handled plastic ripcord through the weighted wheel in the center,and letting go. Kenner "SSP" Cars Those famous "Rip Cord" activated racers from the 1960's and 70's!! The car was about 10-12 inches long with a big wheel right inthe middle. You had a plastic zipper that fit into the gear in the wheel which you inserted, yanked, and then set the car down. It would take off like a bat out of hell, scare the cat, and crash into the kitchen garbage can. Cool fun on the linoleum. These were toy cars about 10" to 12" inches long that got their power from a ribbed T-handle that you pulled through the car that spun a large center wheel. They were pretty fast. He's a driving his old junker and he's going for a wreck He'll smash a car, he'll smash a truck or anything by heck, Now here's new Kenner's SSP smash up derby set it's Bug 'em a going against tough tom who ain't been beaten yet. Come on little bug em, you can get it done Smash bang crash em up, Smash up Derby is fun Kenners new SSP Smash up Derby set You're a lookin at the whole thang! Cars with a wheel spun when you pulled a rig cord. The car would race off and when smashed into something or another car, the doors and hood would fly off. Dragster style cars were also made. Cars that were powered by a cord that was inserted then pulled. They most popualr set was the demo deby set which there were 2 ramps and 2 people would power the cars and let them jump the ramp and crash mid-air... then pieces that were made to fly off came off the car like a real crash. Toy cars with single, geared rubber wheel in middle. Powered by ripping a geared "t strip" through the wheel, setting it spinning. Came in many different models.

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