Silly Putty on

It came in an egg shaped container and looked kind of like clay. You could bounce it or smash it out on the Sunday comics and it would take the print up. silly putty, the flesh colored goo that you could pick up newspaper print with. it was SOLID Everyone had Silly Putty, which came out of its plastic egg shell and could bounce off the wall. But its most common use was lifting the ink off the comic pages and stretching the images. Silly Putty was clay in an egg-shaped container that could be used to make different shapes of things. Silly Putty was some soft clay that you could make shapes with, it came in a hard, plastic egg-shaped container. It was a white putty like substance that came in a plastic eggshell like case. You could squish it, mold it, and when you pressed in onto newsprint or comic book surfaces, it would pick up the images. Chemists at General Electric working with silicone stumbled across this material that can be kneaded, bounced, and stretched. In 1949, Peter Hodgson thought it would make a great toy. After an investment of $150, Hodgson sold 1-ounce bags of putty in plastic eggs. It was an instant success. Millions of eggs of Silly Putty have been sold and continue to sell to this day.

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