Sit & Spin on

It was blue with orange, red and yellow pinwheel type stripes in the middle of it. You sat on it and pulled yourself into a spin. It's like a merry go round for a party of one. Sit 'n Spin A saucer type toy that you sat on with a a steering wheel type device that you used to pull yourself around in circles with. Made you dizzy 2 disks (bottom one large, top one small) separated by a stem. Children sat on the larger circle and wrapped their legs around the stem-sitting almost "Indian style". When twisting the top circle (like a steering wheel, of sorts) you could spin around on the disc. They still have these. It's a round plastic turn table, kind of like a lazy susan which you sit cross-legged on. There is a round handle in the middle to hold onto with which to propel yourself. Like miniature tea cups at Disney World. My mother could fit on this and then made herself sick. sit on a circular platform, grab the "wheel", and twirl yourself around in a circle you sit on a circular flat board that has a pole in the middle that you use to propel yourself into a dizzy frenzy- kinda like teacups sit and spin around You would sit on it and pull yourself around and around with tis big red circular handle in the middle. Kenner toy you sat on the floor and spun around in a circle it had a wheel in the center You would sit on it and pull yourself around and around with this big red circular handle in the middle. You sat on it and you turn the wheel and you spun around. Round seat with a steering wheel apparatus in the middle. You sat on the base, crossed your legs around the steering wheel pole and spinned yourself by turning the steering wheel. Flat circular plate that you sit on and turn the a centrally located steering wheel to make the platform turn in circles.

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