Sizzlers on

Hot Wheels-sized race cars that charged up with an electric fuel pump Little electric rechargable race cars that ran on tracks like hot wheels cars. A Hot Wheel type toy that you would "fuel up" at a battery station. They would go for a couple of minutes on an oval track. Also had a Sizzlers train that went around on a red, white, and blue Hot Wheels type track. Also remember a toy airplane set called "U-Fly-It" or some such. A plane was hung on a descending string connected to a pilot stick. You would land the plane on a plastic runway. Does anyone remember these? Has anyone seen them lately? Battery operated cars (Hot Wheels) you charge and let loose on orange plastic track. Sizzlers were little battery powered race cars that you would 'juice up' using D size bateries. Each car had a rechargable battery inside and when juiced, they would go on a track that had sides and could run for several minutes. We use to always run the 'Davetona 500' (named after my brother) every Feb. Playing Mantus just reintroduced these cars about 3 years back. By Hot Wheels Looked like a gas pump that plugged in car and gave it its power. By Mattel Rechargeable HotWheels cars of various discriptions I had a silver van plug in the headphone/type jack in to cars for 5 minutes charger ran on 2 or 4 "D" batteries

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