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it was a lemon or bell that had a plastic ring you put around your ankle and you had to make turn around your ankle and you had to skip...they similar versions today but not the one i remember Skip-It The circle at the top of a yellow piece of plastic with a lemon on the end, slipped over your foot, around your ankle and you kept in going in circles skipping over the lemon when it came around each time. it was a skipping toy.You slipped a hard plastic ring over your ankle.There was a plastic string attached with a plastic "bell"on the end of it. You swung your foot causing it to swing and skipped over it with the other foot. Lots of fun. Skip-it, Or Skippit, Maybe. This was a skipping toy consisting of a plastic ring that one put one's foot through and 'wore' the ring around one's ankle. From the ring, there extended a length of thin tubing ending in a sort of a bell-shaped plastic piece. The idea was to get the toy spinning around in a circle and each time the tubing part got near one's other leg one quickly lifted that foot to let the item go by and then one put one's foot back down until the item came around again, repeating this. I'm not entirely sure this was a 70's-only toy. It *may* have been on the market in the late 60's.

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