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"nonsensical" movie artwork and promotion.

What it isEdit

Parody artwork and merchandise about "Snakes on a Plane" a real movie in production.


The title inspired bloggers to create songs, apparel, poster art, pages of fan fiction, and even a mock movie trailer.


Several independent T-shirt manufacturers have made T-shirts with graphics illustrating various humorous representations of "Snakes on a plane".

  • One depicts a frontal exterior view of a plane cockpit. The pilot and copilot, viewed through the windows, are depicted to be snakes.
  • Another uses vintage road signs to formulate "Snakes + Plane = Snakes on a Plane".
  • A third, with a cartoon representation of Samuel L. Jackson's character from the Star Wars series Mace Windu cutting down snakes with a lightsaber, was pulled, presumably for copyright reasons.


With creative uses of capital letters and bold or italic text, the title has been manipulated to reflect surprise, horror, or absurdity, among other things.

The meme is often interspersed with images of Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Mace Windu and quoting lines from both the Star Wars series and Pulp Fiction (both starring or prominently featuring Jackson). The slang form "SoaP" is used in place of "shit happens" or "oh well, what'cha gonna do?".


The phrase "Snakes On a Plane" has been used on Internet forums as to indicate that a given topic is nonsensical.


A real film about snakes on a plane, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

It became popular one year before its planned released and before any promotional material was released due to its ridiculous title and Josh Friedman's blog entry, that anyone could submit promotional posters scripts and artwork for the movie in production.


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