Sneezing Doll on

You are not crazy. I have one sitting in my living room right now. My mother kept mine from way back when and it is a 1974 Mattel doll but I can't remember her real name either. My mother got it down from her attic to give to my niece though the sneezing action no longer works. But no, you aren't crazy. Sneezy does exist. This doll was made in the 70's..... she was all vinyl and soft, short yellow hair and when you squeezed her stomach she sneezed!! She was approx. 12-18". Please someone tell me I am NOT crazy because I had one of these dolls!! My Mom even made extra clothes for her!!! And for the life of me I can't remeber her name or who made her! Bless You Baby Tender Love I too had a sneezing doll and I loved her. I did some "research" and found that her name is Bless You Baby Tender Love and she was made by Mattel in 1974. Hope that helps anyone looking for one!

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