Super Strech Man on

PLEASE NOTE THAT SUPER STECHMAN WAS ACTUALLY CALLED STRETCH ARMSTRONG. Actual name was Stretch Armstrong. Had one. Was actually called "Strech Armstrong" Another "action figure" in the same realm was "Sucker Man" A rubber solid color Alien with suctioncups all over it's body. His name is Stretch Armstrong Super Stretch Man was called Stretch Armstrong. Wrestler type man filed with some mysterious goo. You could pull his limbs and they'd stretch really far. The toy's name was actually Strech Armstrong. I used to have it as a kid. It was called Stretch Armstrong here in Ireland and is still a popular toy and still on sale. I believe the actual name for this toy is "Stretch Armstrong" Super Stretch Man Correction This was actually known as Stretch Armstrong, a not-as-good version came out recently.

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