Superstretchman and evilknevilmotorcycle on

Just a comment on these entries- are you sure the Super Stretch Man was not called Stretch Armstrong? I had one of them, it was HEAVY and strangely dense and a neighbor kid and i found that you could puncture that weird rubbery outer layer and purple stuff would ooze out, which we ate, deciding it was grape jelly (!). We ate until the doll was FLAT!! The other toy in the title, the Evil Knevil Motorcycle I also had! You said it wound up, but I just want to clarify- it came with a long plastic strip with sharp teeth like a saw, sort of, that you would insert and "thread" through a gear which would be spun at a high speed when you ripped it out with all the violence you could muster! Any response is appreciated but not necessary. Hope this helps, it was fun to remember, sorry, I know this slot was for NEW entries, but I thought Id send this along anyway.

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