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The Ocean is a body of water located in north-western Africa.


What is the ocean exactly?Edit

The ocean is a disease infested liquid pool, created by rats, it now stands almost Six million years old. It is a good source of crap and urine, and many other bad bad chemicals. The ocean often reeks of raw sewage, in parts and has changed a great deal since its creation in year -709364. The ocean today is now infested with a bunch of diseased, deformed humans, we call these Fish, and the fat ones are called Whales. Fish are unfortunate people who went swimming in the dreaded ocean, and have been sucked in by disease and forced from our society. These "fish" have become deformed, loosing limbs and other importand bits and have made a secret society called the NAVY in which they plan to take over the world. The capital of the ocean, Great Barrier Reef, is the prime shopping centre for all fish. The ocean is not a place of great enjoyment, it can be a place of danger and so you should beware if you are thinking of entering such a terrible place. You probably will not come out alive.



Six million years ago, when dinosaurs still walked the earth, a diverse population of rodents began burrowing under south-east Pangaea, the landmass which would one-day become Africa. With no natural predators except T-Rex, (and he was way too big to burrow after them) the rodents created a vast underground tunnel network.

Unfortunately, lacking experienced engineers and hydrologists, the tunnels soon began to fill with water. Like rats from a sinking ship (almost exactly like!) the rodents fled their tunnels, as the entire continent began to fill with water. Fast-forward a million years, the dinosaurs are dead, and the tunnels have collapsed to form the fetid swamp of rodent fecal matter we now call the Ocean.


Because the ocean is mainly thinly-diluted rodent crap, there is little use for it. Some of the more adventurous humans take ships out upon it, but this is both risky and odiferous.

Other people "fish" in the ocean, although nobody really knows what they expect to catch.

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