The Sunshine Family on

A family of Barbie-sized dolls, with jointed arms and legs, feet and hands: Mom and little sister (blondes) Dad and baby brother (brunettes.) Later had their own treehouse play set - very wholesome bunch. Sunshine Family Earthy family with some bad hair. Had a home and camper to buy separately. This family of "Barbie-type" dolls were a must for little girls of the 70's. They came with mom Stephie, dad Steve and baby Sweets along with directions to make furniture from items you had around the house. You could also buy a set with a grandma and grandpa. Mom, Dad, baby and dog. They came with their own camper and house - what fun! Groovy Barbie-like dolls. Consisted of Mom & Dad little kid and baby. Had a really far out camper too. This was a family of dolls abouy the size of Barbies. They came with a mom and dad and baby. You could buy a set of grandparents seperately. It came with a book on how to make furniture from things you could find around the house. This was the quintissential flower child family! Mommy, Daddy, and Baby set And house it was a mom and dad and little baby doll, they were like barbies. they come with a house and a camper.

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